What is More Important than Time?

This a recent email to my LinkedIn connections. It fits well here too. The more I discover the more I find I do not know. I wonder if that is a reason so many stop their discovery process. Living inside a myth is easier.

besuccessfulI have accomplished many successes over the course of my life and the most profound and rewarding happened quickly without any struggle or effort on my part. The common refrain that success comes by hard work and persistence is a large lie in my view. Good for keeping employees nose to the grindstone. Discovering what I do best and learning how to delegate the rest has been my focus. What is the source of effortlessness in this moment? My greatest successes happened while operating as an employee however.   That period is no longer available to me and for millions of others worldwide. I have reached the place where it is clear to me that what it takes to succeed now is entirely different from what it took to succeed as an employee. While many of the ‘rules’ for success may be similar and apply in all cases, principles if you will, there is much I have yet to discover.

I have determined three simple conditions are essential for my success. One is the beliefs I view the day provide what is possible for me to achieve. Limiting beliefs or worse, incongruent opposing beliefs produce failure. When I cannot set aside a belief and replace it with another, even for just a moment, I am stuck.impossibleNOT

Two is clarity comes from simplicity and enables focus. My daily ‘doing now’ list is short and replaced the long to ‘to do’ list I used to beat myself up with every evening.

The most important condition for effective action and accomplishment, for success daily is not time nor is it a set of skills I must continue to master. It is not intention, passion, bliss, or effective goal setting. All are useful but without one condition present make no difference. It is not in any of the courses I have taken over the last thirty years on leadership and dozens of other useful experiences. Concepts are always different from reality. When I have ‘this’ everything I do works. Without enough of ‘it’ I fail. This was useful as an employee but not essential to my day-to-day successes. What is it? Let me know and a future post will divulge my answer.



Success Clues and Required Conditions

I have spent decades participating in MLM.

No longer however.

Everyone I know wants more money and more time to spend it on a healthier life. Given

Less than 1% of the MLM community ever does!

Less than 1% of the MLM community ever does!

what MLM offers everyone should be in one. NOT!

The three essential requirements to succeed with any MLM are you must be employed or you lose the income required to pay for the program every month.  You need a large list of a warm and hot market where you are an influencer OR you are willing to build one. The other requirement is a the five plus year commitment to see it to fruition.  Remove any of the three and failure is guaranteed. The numbers tell the tale.  I say much more here!

Leadership, Conversation, Action or Something Else?

I am reading two to three books at any time. There are a couple I sip on less than daily.

Leadership is a topic of interest for me and many of you as well.  Like most of what we know, the blief and commentary are often unrelated to the experience.  I am less and less inclined to buy the compost version of leadership, the one that sets itself up to be followed AlreadyAlwaysListening2and instead I am looking for the practices and principles of what will it take for all of us to lead, to no longer following anyone.

Leadership is not a postion or an office but requires integrity [do you do what you say you will do to yourself?], authenticity [rare in a world filled with mobs and copy cats], a commitment to something bigger than yourself [the capacity was not completely taken from you in grade school] and a stand for being cause-in-the-matter [no there is nobody to blame.].

I find it rarely.  How about you?

Goals, Past, Present, 2015

The end of the year and the beginning of a new one is the most common theme this week worldwide. What are your goals for the year ahead?  I am grateful for this last year’s lessons and successes.  I am excited for 2015.  What does the New Year hold for each of us?

What makes the difference for each of us?

You must live for another if you wish to live for yourself. – Seneca

And when overlaid with…

Life yields only to the conqueror. Never accept what can be gained by giving in. You will be living off stolen goods, and your muscles will atrophy. – Dag Hammarskjold

The clue is to hold two different thoughts in place at the same time. whoYouareNOT

I live life on vacation in paradise.  It does not occur that way for everyone and it annoys some people who believe I did not ‘earn’ it.  The conventional ‘golden rule’ is to treat others how you wish to be treated.  Even when practiced it is abuse, because it is completely wrong. Nobody wants to be treated how ‘I’ want to be treated except me. Everyone wants to be treated how they want to be treated but most have ‘given in’ to normalized behavior!

Every human being is unique: you cannot treat men and women as units in a neat scheme without doing violence to them. – Gerald Vann

Discovering how others want to be treated is mostly observation and a few questions. Along the way you may even discover what your gift is that puts you on vacation in paradise.

Realizing when you have one good hammer, everything appears to be a nail worth pounding, requires a level of discernment that can only comes after many experiments. Figuring out which experiments worked and what the ingredients were before you pounded them into the ground may take a long time and annoy many along the way.

perspective2What I have discovered is most of what’s sold as required skills, attitudes and formula essentially blame the victim for their failure.  I know life is designed to work. If it isn’t working, I am either working from the wrong design or telling a story about it that keeps it all drama. I have never bought the fear angle.  The sloth perspective needs more work.

When am I being lazy?  If my minimum daily new contact number is ten and after a week or so of fifteen plus daily I slack off to ten or even 5, am I being slothful?  We all tend to be more critical of ourselves than useful.  Others may shirk from doing anything because they can’t do my ten as easily as I am. I couldn’t in the beginning either but no one noticed, not even me.  I wish I knew how to give people the ability to ‘play’ in this sandbox no matter what happens, rain or shine.  Something about willingness is missing too often.

We all live inside a network of people.  I have managed to assemble a large group in many cognitivedisonanceplaces.  This last couple of months I have spent more time on my cold frozen market.  What I didn’t realize, even though I knew the correct answer, is it takes many more contacts to warm people up to what is possible.  It requires more of me being present.   I am in the collecting decisions business.  We make decisions based on a number of factors using one or more decision trees we have developed.   Most of what I knew before last year was how to lead someone to a decision with his or her mind.  It may be useful to know how but essentially powerless when either the heart or the gut says otherwise.  I discovered the mind was never designed to make decisions but has only been recently ‘programmed’ by schooling and advertising to run the show leaving people stuck in emotional dramas because their gut and heart is either screaming “NO” or is ignored entirely.  Much of the sales training is mind based and therefore mindless.

I am committed to discovering how to let my heart and gut rule and allow the mind to follow, consult from time to time and keep track of the statistics.  Success has always come from who I know being greater than what I know.  What I know is often a perspective limited to a single point of view I hold in the moment that always changes if I move or if I am moving, stop and pause for a moment to take another look.

One of my morning queries is ‘What is my source for being ‘notoriously’ happy today?’  The question has proven useful.  I have a minimum daily contact of ten people.   Combined with follow-ups and various other tactics in place when I keep the commitment, happiness occurs all over the place and I find myself doing more than I said.  The habit bears fruit while when doing less, plus $1.25 doesn’t buy a paper and a cup of coffee.  Funny how that works and the fruitful busy button will stay pushed without effort or trouble at ten or higher.  I am not saying the correct answer for anyone else is an MDC of ten.  You must find your number.  It is greater than zero.

endbeginning2There is another value I enjoy called effortlessness that appears at ten and higher.  I suggest effortlessness is comprised of four equal partners, integrity, responsibility, defenselessness and acceptance.  All four require more study and practice on my part and I will move into mastery of all four in 2015.   The key has been following my heart and gut in practice while ignoring the constant nattering of the minds’ ‘never good enough’ equations.

Another overlay is instead of a ‘to do’ list I have a “Doing Now List”.  That as long as I use it as designed doing today what I said I would do today is almost an automatic.

The tactic I find most useful in accomplishing everything is:

Ask until given to you.
Seek until you find.
Knock until the door opens.

The reasoning or strategy using any tactic comes from your purpose, goal, dream or vision of the future.  I have shared a number of my dreams and goals over the years and a successfulfew I wrote down without telling anyone.  The ones that happened with the least struggle, effortlessly were the secret ones I revealed after the fact.  Making your goals public was the method I learned first.  A Brian Tracy course suggested I needed to be less public to nearly secret about the goals until after accomplished.   A skill, like riding the bicycle, only happens in the use and experience of it.  An excellent blog post on the Six Types of Goal Setters written three years ago by Arina Nikitina is worthy of annual review.  In 2015, I will help at least 50 people produce ongoing residual income that will be greater than their expenses.   The math suggests it is possible in ten years, ten months or ten weeks.  The one variable I have no control over is you. Do you?

Week – #17 Decisiveness – the Decision Skill

This week I am looking for decisiveness, in me and in the world.  It might be useful to define what it is.  With a little online research, we find many potential fables and myths.

Decisive people tend to be successful while indecisive people tend to fail. 

Research shows that decisiveness is good for us. 

I have not found the research to support either of these two DOwhatYOUfearstatements yet. They are plausible and we have been all taught plausible that isn’t true.

The short definition is 1. having the power or quality of deciding; putting an end to controversy [in your mind at least].

Therefore, you have to be able to decide to be decisive. Decides root is to cut, to eliminate all but one. Same with suicide, infanticide and homicide, which may be why some people ovoid deciding all together?

You must have a basis for your decision other than ‘I don’t wanna’. I suspect this is the first problem.  You must have your conditions for satisfaction and the conditions for no satisfaction clear to you.  This is different from a ‘Franklin close’ where you list the ‘reasons’ for alongside the ‘ideas’ against.  We all have conditions for satisfaction. Unfortunately, most people have ones done to them. 

dowhatismostimportantfirstYou also need to be willing to commit to a decision at some time or at some percentage of your conditions for satisfaction being in place.  It is easier to be decisive when we are clear about our conditions for satisfaction and focused on our goals. Being willing to decide, to act, even in the face of uncertainty, complexity or incomplete information is decisiveness.

He who hesitates is lost. Moreover, they usually have sour grape stories for results. Most of us have waited too long to act, to decide to go for it and when we do all the circumstances have changed in our waiting. Somebody else asked her out, the job offer is no longer available, the product is no longer on sale and the list is long.

Most of us have also come to a decision too quickly and regretted our discoverYourDreamactions afterwards.  The proverbial leaps before you look syndrome where an emotional response has us called for ‘off sides’ as it were. How many accidents have we been in because someone didn’t hesitate just a little longer.

There is then, a skill based on our failures that allows us to discover a sweet spot in reaching effective decisions.  Some of us however, have a habit labeled procrastination.

This week is about identifying decisiveness in my world.  The more you focus on anything the more abundant it becomes. Whatever you count grows.

dragonaffairsThere is always a risk we may be wrong. Perfect clarity is seldom available and if we have failed due to indecision recently the tendency to compensate may get in the way.  Some people eliminate decision all together with ‘choice’ theory.  The theory is that you can always make the other choice later.  Choice is fuzzy and frequently lets you off the commitment hook. A decision is a commitment to a course of action and therefore, indecision is a failure to commit. … or not as in still evaluating, waiting for the time to act which is procrastination.

Unless a man believes in himself and makes a total commitment to his career and puts everything he has into it — his mind, his body, his heart – what’s life worth to him? – Vince Lombardi

Become a worry-slapper. Treat frets like mosquitoes. Do you doyourthingprocrastinate when a bloodsucking bug lights on your skin? ‘I’ll take care of it in a moment.’ Of course you don’t! You give the critter the slap it deserves. Be equally decisive with anxiety. – Max Lucado 

I’m looking for decisive everywhere else too.  Remember to say out loud, with all the feeling you can generate, “Do IT NOW!!”   Twenty-five times takes almost no time. Three sets daily will have you in action quicker the next time an opportunity arises to act.