Press Release

Press Release 14 February 2015

Luck is the residue of design. – Branch Rickey

Napoleon Hill on assignment, Medellin, Colombia

Last month I discovered a new monthly millionaire in the home business arena.  I found Michael Eisbrener on the internet and I reached him at his home office easily.  He suggested I meet with him today in Medellin.  It is not Valentine’s Day here. Paradise doesn’t require one.

hmoffMichael suggested we spend some time at his home and then do a short tour of the city. My first question is how does it feel to earn over a million dollars in one month?

Smiling he said, “I still feel the same, with my fingers.”  He went on to say it is possible for all of us, in our group and it is only going to grow further.  Michael’s vision of a ‘World that works for everyone, with no one left out and no one left behind’ is possible for anyone who wants to choose it for him or herself and every one they know.

His home office overlooks the southern portion of the city Medellin to the west. An awesome view of a city with about three million people, the weather is gorgeous here DSCF5924today. Sunny, mid 70’s and a slight breeze moving the palm trees with no sense of the hustle and bustle going on around us.   When I remarked what a superb day it was, he said, “I know, it’s like this every day here. This is the Valley of Eternal Spring.”

I wanted to know how the January check happened.  What was it, in his view that made the difference?  He talks about bicycles.  He said he only recently saw the path anyone can be on, no matter who they are, where they are, what their skills, abilities or resources are.  Today, going forward anyone can have access to financial prosperity.

Michael said he saw around thirty years ago that learning how to ride a bicycle does not happen while reading books, watching DVD sets on the best methods or watching anyone else ride a bicycle.  “Thirty years ago I saw it required getting on one myself.” He then told me, “It was only a couple years ago I noticed help was involved. I didn’t ‘get it’ right away and I had training wheels.  Balance sort of snuck up on me.”

integrityHe said that his favorite learning style is to just do it and figure it out on the way.  Sort of like jumping off a cliff expecting to grow wings on the way down.  I imagine he has crashed and burned more than once.

His most recent discovery regarding riding the bicycle happened taking the Master Key Mastermind Course the end of 2013.  “People learn to ride a bicycle that works for everyone.  People learn to drive a car that is fully functional and produces the same results for everyone once they acquire the basic skills.”

The Typical MLM

Most MLM have the majority carrying the few. NO LONGER! JTL has a better way!

He went on to say, “The network marketing industry for at least 60 years has offered vehicles that only the few could ever learn how to ride successfully. Six decades of 95% failure or 5% retention is normal.  NOT anymore!  Initially, all the other systems that have the same great rate of 5% success blinded me.  Go to college to get a degree, most leave the first year.  Go to all the trouble to acquire a license in real estate, insurance, teaching and the list is long, the majority never purchase the second years license.  In many fields, 95% quitting the first year is the norm and the systems we have been schooled in tell us it is our entire fault.”

I wrote nearly 80 years ago, Before success comes in any man’s life, he’s sure to meet with much temporary defeat and, perhaps some failures. When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest and the most logical thing to do is to quit. That’s exactly what the majority of men do.

Michael responded, “What choice did they have? Continue on a path of destruction only the few can tread or honor their own integrity.  There are numerous examples of systems that produce a success virtually every single time.  Henry Ford built the first successful assembly line.  The militaries of the world take raw recruits and produce successful soldiers, sailors and marines over and over.  The Delancey Street Foundation does no less with substance abusers and convicted criminals.  Every driving school in the world manages to teach virtually everyone how to drive a car successfully. It is not the instructors or the students but the difference is the design!  The design of the car, the system people operate make it possible. THE design guarantees successful outcomes.  Get a job at McDonald’s and you will succeed, have a job a year later.  When I saw what was missing from network marketing I began looking for what was missing and I found it.”

medellin_transitHe then said, “Let’s call a cab and get on the metro.”

The city moves over a million people daily with it public transportation system charging about $1 per person per day.  You can catch a bus to the metro and be anywhere in the valley in a short while.  Medellin is friendly people, well-organized and the transportation is safe and dependable. The cab ride was only a few dollars as well. I wanted to know what was missing that he found!

I reminded Michael again, Nature cannot be tricked or cheated. She will give up to you the object of your struggles only after you have paid her price.

He said, “Nature is fair but the vast majority of programs and systems are just Funded Proposals arranged for the few. How else can you explain how less than 2% earn 90% of the income, 3% earn the rest and the other 95% pay for the game!?

How are you going to change that Michael? I asked.

“I didn’t have to. I found someone who already had made the changes to the standard MLM business so that anyone, no matter who they are, where they are, what level of experience, what level of ability they have can succeed on their terms.  Success in this case is earning more than they spend in a reasonable amount of time as determined by them.”

Details please I ask.

“Success is always accomplished by the willing, able and ready who find themselves at the right time and right place.” Michael said.  “When I was the most successful Navy WARqualifiedRecruiter in the US, I called it ‘WAR’ qualified. Willing, Able and Ready makes success  achievable by the person as long as the time and place function works.  What has been missing from MLM programs is the time part of the equation for most people is not sufficient for them, for 95% of them to succeed.”

You give before you get. I said.

NewDreams“What are the companies giving? Programs and products only the very few can manage or accomplish with the needed skill sets in order to succeed in the expected time while blaming the victims of their offers.  Attrition is beyond reasonable in all but one program.  If only 5 people stay for every 100 that join in a year, you either need a huge organization going into the programs or the ability to take on the attrition rate. The companies make out like the bandits they are.  It is all very normal and legal too.”

The battle is all over except the “shouting” when one knows what is wanted and has made up his mind to get it, whatever the price may be. I remind Michael.

“There is a price to pay for everything, and you must be willing to pay the price. The companies are just beginning to pay. When we think about paying a price, our mind suggests paying the price is difficult, ‘this isn’t fair’ and you don’t want to pay it. We must let go of this way of seeing because first, the idea of getting something without paying the goldfish jumping out of the waterprice is a total fantasy. In those rare cases where you get something without paying the price, you still have to pay it and paying after you get what you want makes the price higher. You will always pay and the best way to pay is in advance. Second, the real trick is to have fun paying the price. I certainly am having fun paying the price and anyone can, too. The way to do it is to focus on what you want and add as much positive emotion as you can. If the emotion is not readily available, you need to check your direction or your goals are not congruent. Therefore, I say the way to get anything is to find out the price, be willing to pay it, and then pay it in full. AND have fun doing it. However, as long as the vehicle you are in only supports the elite few, while the vast majority pays for everything done, benefits for the few soar at the expense of the many.”

OK, what is the price to this perfectly designed offer of yours?

“Perfect may be the wrong description. Everything IS perfect. The way things are and the things are not IS perfect.  There are ‘conditions for satisfaction. Meet them and you are ‘qualified’ to earn. Without one or more conditions in place you are merely a consumer with no hope of adding income.”

How can anyone earn a real income with that? I wanted to know.

1290752888_b21038aa40_o“In the beginning all the ‘smart’ guru money said exactly the same thing, Napoleon.  Once you see how the system lets no one fail or quit by design, you discover active retention has never fallen below 80% and our group has never had less 85% active retention.”


The gondola car we are riding at that point allowed us to exit at one of Medellin’s public libraries.  The Spain Library is a massive building jut past half way up the mountain surrounded by homes, shops and parks.  We do a quick tour and find a place to enjoy spainlibraysome coffee and sweets while I continue my investigation.

I explained, the majority meet with failure because of their lack of persistence in creating new plans to take the place of those which fail.  Michael suggested otherwise.

“That is the failure by design! Persistence is a habit that some have and some do not. About 70% have not acquired it, another 25% have it but their subconscious runs them in different directions based on programming they are unaware of and about 5% have trained themselves to be efficient, focused success machines.  All of them are still robots however.  I prefer to keep the subconscious as far away from the levers and dials of my life vision as possible.  Most people prefer to operate on automatic however. We can thank the education system for that.  The bulk of programs and systems capture or motivate only one of the three groups by design. Finding the ‘right’ people for your system is then the job. I have committed to a world that works for everyone, with no one left out and no one left behind.  The design for 100% success, everyone earning more than they spend is simply a matter of offering a way for anyone to ‘succeed’ based on who they are right now.  Once in the system, the time function takes over, and people are able to achieve new goals and aspirations without having to start over.”

FullBloomNature cannot be tricked or cheated. She will give you the object of your struggles only after you have paid her price, I said.  The butterfly had to struggle to become a butterfly.

“There is no need to squash them as caterpillars.” Michael said.  “Given enough time and proper food, all caterpillars progress becoming butterflies.”

You might well remember that nothing can bring you success but yourself, I said.

“While that may true, the systems either empower us or empower its function.  I choose to work for the benefit of everyone, not just the few the system sorts, finds and allows success.  The system I choose to work in allows everyone to succeed.”

How does it work? How can everyone earn more than he or she pays?

“The first step is everyone has to buy a ticket or have someone buy them a ticket. The ticket costs zero [for those who qualify] to as much as you want to spend.  I cannot make you see something you believe isn’t there or worse that you believe is something else.  Most people buy the $73 ticket.  They receive one product of their choice. Also included for life are a marketing system and the complete main program. There are no additional charges, no gotchas, no oh by the way, it is simple and you have a place in the matrix.  You may buy more immediately or later.  The price for every product is less the more you buy of them.

What kind of products?

“All the products are health and wellness products. They are consumable, based on hard doNOTquit3science, with peer reviewed studies on THE ACTUAL Products, they work profoundly for those that take them, so profound that the monthly reorder rate has never fallen below 80% company wide and our group is above 85%.”

There has to be more to it than that?!

“Of course there is.  The design allows anyone to progress in their own perceived best interest at the time without penalizing them in the future for the choices they make today.”

How is that fair I ask. Michael stands and we leave the cafe for our return on the metro. As we walk back to the portal, I learn.

“It is our design and we say it is fair.  Most people allow circumstances to rule their life. If you don’t purchase this month you lose any commissions until you again purchase at least one product.”


“Once you sponsor two you are qualified to earn up to $750,000/year.  There are ten ways people are paid and you can have a two checks a week in you mailbox.”

You mean if someone joined today for even zero, sponsored only two they are qualified to earn $750,000/year?!


We are now heading back, gliding down the mountain to the main metro rail line.  I find it hard to imagine every day being this nice. Michael says today is a normal day here.

You said there are four basic choices. What are the other three choices people make?

“Most people join and buy product every month.  It takes time for some of them to see and smilealwaysallwaysexperience enough to confidently share with people.  As long as they buy monthly, they will benefit from the product I suggest they start on growing younger biologically everyday.  In the beginning, they may go a couple months without anyone under them.  Once it begins, the growth happens quickly.  The products excite them; the income keeps them forever.  I promise those I sponsor if they purchase for at least a year and are not earning over $300 after twelve months, I will pay their minimum monthly, including shipping, until they are.

Eventually, people begin to have results, product results and or financial results and they cannot help telling someone about it.  The included marketing system makes it easy for anyone to answer the questions anyone would have.   Either the third choice happens on purpose or by accident, they cannot help telling people about their good fortune.  If you share this with just two people, who enroll and help them to accomplish the same thing that is essentially all you would have to do. If it took one to two weeks to accomplish and it duplicated the entire matrix would be full in sixteen weeks or less.”

Has that happened?

“Not yet and that is on my new list of goals to accomplish in the year ahead.”

What is the fourth choice?

“The first three are all doable for anyone with fewer than 10 hours a week dedicated to the growth of the system. The choice I made is to enroll at least 30 people every 90 days and support each of them in having what they want. The first 90 days are the most difficult. There is a lot to learn and experience.  Once you figure it out, like riding a bicycle, you get better the more you ride.  People I introduced this to my first three months have appeared months, a year later, ready to participate.  I never stop planting seeds.”

coffee3We leave the metro station and Michael hails a cab. The trip on the metro was much less than our coffee and sweets. Michael says the cab ride will be about $4 US for the 15-minute cab ride back to his home.  I ask him. What did sponsoring thirty your first three months mean to you?

“I qualified from then on for a match on all of my personally sponsored matrix income.  Paying attention to their situation, d, enabling them to earn something and the system pays me too. With no one left behind, it really makes a difference. They begin to do the same for others too, they benefit like me, and I benefit even more.”

What is the best path?

“The one you are on. You cannot walk any other one anyway.”

As the cab climbs the mountain road back to Michael’s home he says dinner tonight will be one of his favorite meals.  His wife Clara enjoys herself as an ophthalmologist and still keeps long hours the days she works. She doesn’t have to work nearly as much and her entire staff takes the products and have a growing income too. The housekeeper suggests she would work free. Michael really likes the food she prepares and maybe with her “Joy to Live” growing she must.

We arrive to find Clara and their beagle Roxy at the front door. I want to know how to begin ClaranRoxythe path, where to purchase a ticket, to Michael’s path to success.

“Do your due diligence.” He says.  “I have over a dozen domains leading to the path. Everyone can tour the system and the opportunity.  However, like learning how to swim you have to get in the water.  Get in this one, the water is awesome. Start now at for the ride of your life’s dreams come true.”

Call him at Mykleone on Skype or 866-862-6735 toll free for a short explanation.

As the sunsets the view from Michael's office

As the sunsets the view from Michael’s office


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