Michael [ME]

Reading the “How to Ride a Bicycle” Encyclopedia, finding the best bicycle coach or mentor while purchasing the most advanced high-speed bicycle in the world will not have you riding the bicycle.

To ride the bicycle you must put yourself on one and fall off enough times to find ‘your sense’ of balance. Without help you may fail forever! Experience failure often enough and you may succeed however. Most of us learned with someone’s help… even the training wheels were put on by someone else.  Do not short change yourself by quitting one-step away from success.

One other requirement was in place to ride the bicycle.  It worked for everyone who put in enough time, accepted the help to discover balance for themselves.  Far too much of what we live with today does not work.  Anything with a 90+% failure rate is that way BY DESIGN!

I have experienced success many times in my life.  So have you.  Most of those times nobody else knew.  Sometimes people did know and told you to quit or demanded you stop embarrassing them.  Rarely, are we pushed or held to a standard that produces ongoing success.  I am looking for systems and programs that offer the opportunity for anyone to succeed on their terms.

I grew  up in Minnesota living in a new neighborhood or town every couple years as dad built his resume.  I learned how to friend people quickly.  When my parents stopped moving I joined the US Navy and entered the submarine service for the adventure. I was the most successful Navy recruiter in the early 80’s and I did not know how it happened.  It has taken decades to see that understanding is just a ‘boobie’ prize.   Success may not require understanding. What formula did I use, unknowingly, that allowed me to produce the result?

My journal with the Master Key System will recount my journey here weekly. WithinYOU 2013-09-29_1457


3 thoughts on “Michael [ME]

  1. So this is “About” riding bicycles? Is “Iceburner” a play on your last name by some of your friends? Powerful writing.

  2. Very interesting about me! Good writing, I would like to know just a bit more about you. You just teased me a little with the great story. LOL.

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