A World that WORKS for Everyone?


What is a ‘World that works for everyone, with no one left out and no one left behind’?

This is one of my oldest morning questions and one I have almost no answers that make any difference.  Pick any perspective and there will be plenty of people left out. Jobs are going to continue disappearing and as robots and computers handle more and more that once was for humans what will that mean for ‘everyone’?

Is our environment on earth really headed in a disaster direction or is the conversation all manipulation? How would you know either way?

Is the question the problem?

The vast majority, 98%, let the 2% run, decide, control and earn 98% year after year, decade after decade.  One world for everyone would mean what? Revolution? Counting on someone or something to fix or change it seems dubious, hilarious and since it has never happened before ever, you will be waiting a long long time for nothing.

The caterpillar has no inkling from any perspective it will be a butterfly.  How many caterpillars ever become butterflies?   I am more interested in effortlessness. That is something each of us could actually discover and produce for ourselves. Enough of us just might create a path everyone could follow.



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