Leadership, Conversation, Action or Something Else?

I am reading two to three books at any time. There are a couple I sip on less than daily.

Leadership is a topic of interest for me and many of you as well.  Like most of what we know, the blief and commentary are often unrelated to the experience.  I am less and less inclined to buy the compost version of leadership, the one that sets itself up to be followed AlreadyAlwaysListening2and instead I am looking for the practices and principles of what will it take for all of us to lead, to no longer following anyone.

Leadership is not a postion or an office but requires integrity [do you do what you say you will do to yourself?], authenticity [rare in a world filled with mobs and copy cats], a commitment to something bigger than yourself [the capacity was not completely taken from you in grade school] and a stand for being cause-in-the-matter [no there is nobody to blame.].

I find it rarely.  How about you?


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