Focus, Leadership and Influence…

Where focus goes, energy flows.

Most programs and most training programs want you to focus on sifting and sorting YOURnewNotanyoneelsessuspects and prospects for ‘their’ opportunity.  Whether it is network marketing, affiliate marketing the sifting ‘job’ is worse than work. The few who figure it out will earn plenty but offering people your ‘funded proposal’ so most people only realize smoke and sizzle wears thin. Karma bites victims often. Blaming victims is the number one industry pastime. Instead of sifting and sorting with the prospects money in hand what if you began qualifying people first. Is your focus and commitment to their success bigger than theirs is and if not why not! The Lone Ranger rides again!!

People are not afraid of failure, they are afraid of blame. The belief that you have to help people and how may in fact be destroying any chance they could have for success. When the caterpillar enters the chrysalis stage, any ‘help’ you provide insures it will never fly. Most programs suck you dry, clip your wings permanently and blame you for your failure. Helping is important when feeding caterpillars or naiads.

outonalimbNaiads hatch from eggs and live for years in the water feeding on smaller life forms, usually mosquito larvae. One day they climb out of the water and the exposure to sun and air has them breathe. Their shell breaks, they crawl out of their shell, pump their wings and the dragonfly spends the next six months or less feeding on smaller insects, mostly mosquitoes.

In a world that works for everyone, with no one left out and no one left behind, will we focus on caterpillars and naiads or will we support the butterfly and dragonfly? It appears to me the current system keeps ‘people’ naiads and caterpillars.

Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten. – GK Chesterton

I cannot help anyone who will not help himself or herself. You have to want to slay your own dragons. If anyone else does it for you, it cannot count towards your success. The cults of leadership and leaders are mostly dragons.   A ‘promised land’ for caterpillars and naiads is a myth. The North American Monarch butterfly migrates to and from Mexico. The Monarchs in the Valley of Eternal Spring stay here. Monarchs have no leader. What influence makes the difference?

Goal: An object or an event towards which PLAY is directed in order to score.

If your goal is survival, the best score only keeps you alive. If your goal is success at an MLM or any other caterpillar/naiad game, the play is at least ten thousand hours long, on the same field before you can hope to surpass survival. You still have to transform in the process.

What does a program designed for a dragonfly or a butterfly look like? It is not MLM, network marketing, gifting, a money game or the majority of online offerings pandered today. It is only for the tenacious. Persistence, much like pestering, is a caterpillar trait. Tenacity accesses the same data differently; tenacity influences decisions using paths unavailable to naiads and caterpillars. Tenacity achieves goals the old ways, the RUReadycaterpillars and naiads could never imagine.


You are banking $3,000+ in the next three to six weeks, then weekly in less time and for the truly serious, daily in ten hours or less a week. Can you follow directions? For a brief three-minute explanation, please press 1-612-594-7703. Caterpillars and naiads won’t call.



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