Leaders are NOT Babysitters

My experience of most leaders and leadership is a mutual endeavor to be taken care of and to take care of ‘people’. That insures a codependence preventing ‘people’ from ever experiencing themselves as ‘leader’. Asking me to accept a babysitter for anyone older than fourteen is abuse. Yeah, but you do too.

integritycourageThere are four foundational factors concerning leadership and leaders. They are integrity, authenticity, being committed to something bigger than yourself and being cause-in-the-matter. Each of these deserves a series of blog posts over the next year.

Leader and leadership have four aspects to their contextual framework.   They are the linguistic abstractions, phenomena, concepts and terms. Blogs on all of this are coming and all the source material that will get in the way of all of it as well.

The two kinds of ontological constraints, often ignored or not identified, are perceptional constraints and functional constraints. Click on any links for additional information.

An epistemological mastery (a from-the-stands mastery) of a subject leaves one knowing. An ontological mastery (an on-the-court mastery) of a subject leaves one being. – Werner Erhard

There is a belief, a myth actually, that if it isn’t difficult or a challenge, if it didn’t take a lot of struggle and hard work, ‘it’ isn’t worth remembering or doing. That goes against all of my best breakthrough experiences. What led up to the breakthrough was not always simple or easy to explain and sometimes involved a story about difficulty or ‘hard’ work but the actual experience while it happened, while the breakdown was in progress had a sense of effortlessness. The breakthrough effortlessness is multi-directional compared to a single line of breakdown effortlessness. Only afterward, was I ‘required’ or ‘taught’ to explain it relative to the perception of difficult, especially for anyone else.

I struggle daily with judging and justifications. The struggle is to notice when it begins. Judgments, especially related to awareness5myself, are always using the standard of a future perfect me. [Or you] When I notice that, only then may I let it go to notice real perfection. All justifications are ploys used by the mind to keep me [or you] out of ‘now’, the present, that one place in time “I” may exist. Any justification is an excuse related to some judgment about how it should or could be and only happen in the mind from a place not now.

Real perfection is noticing and letting me [or you] be exactly the way I am [you are] and exactly the way I am [you are] not. Stop lying about it. Improvements, the way to additional achievements is only possible from where I am [you are] now and never from anywhere else.

[Y]ou do not change your reality through doing anything. … Enlightenment is not an experience. – Richard Rudd [one plus one only equals three, 2 is a myth or maybe a ‘bridge’]


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