What is intradependence?

A conversation for intradepenence….


I am a firm believer in independent learning which for me, is allowing children to acquire processes that their natural enquiring minds feel most comfortable.  One of the important aspects of learning that applies to all children is to work at that own pace.  Some teachers see this as an excuse to be lazy, but by motivating the children through good leadership skills a teacher can guide a student towards high quality learning.  It is not a question of nature vs nurturing – I firmly believe that a teacher’s role is to nurture the child.  One of my preferred methods is through sharing and collaboration.  In the modern high tech 21st century world, it seems that our children will work on projects in collaboration with people around the world, so to be competitive in the job market they need to acquire the skills and processes that collectively I term as…

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2 thoughts on “What is intradependence?

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    • Intra suggests within… Depending upon how large the group who are already interdependent… intradependent suggests a deeper connection, a level of team harmony not experienced at the interdependent level.

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