Week – #23 Masterkey You Get What You GIVE

Haanel says…that the law of success is service; that we get what we give, and for this reason we should consider it a great privilege to be able to give.

givetoget3This may be his most profound argument so far, we get what we give, not what we want, wish, demand, hope or believe.  Deuteronomy 16:17

This is the science which embraces all sciences. It is the art which, above all arts, is relevant to human life. In the mastery of this science and this art there is opportunity for unending progression. Perfection in this is not acquired in six days, nor in six weeks, nor in six months. It is the labor of life. Not to go forward is to go backward.

Science and art operate as practice, an ongoing development, climbing a mountain with no top. What was useful earlier may no longer be of use, workable or relevant. What thinking brought you to this moment may likely be insufficient in moving you into the next.  For most of us, the box we are inside, has instructions on the outside written in a language we are unaware or ignorant. The ‘listening’ we are able to provide must let go of our past to hear it. Understanding comes when we have done enough ‘work’.

1. The money consciousness is an attitude of mind; it is the open door to the arteries of commerce. It is the receptive attitude. Desire is the attractive force which sets the current in motion and fear is the great obstacle by which the current is stopped or completely reversed, turned away from us.

Fear does not exist. Show me some!! Neither does resignation but whatever we use to doNOTfeedFearstay stuck, while mythological as any dragon, has more power over us than we allow ourselves to recognize until we do recognize it. If we can see, the explanation of and for our internal state only justifies our inaction. It could be just as easily called excitement, exhilaration and many other emotional states but the excuses we humans use are always and all ways a lie. A lie to ourselves first and then a story of lies we enthrall and placate our environment that operates in the “we won’t call you on your bull as long as you don’t call us on ours”.

3. We make money by making friends, and we enlarge our circle of friends by making money for them, by helping them, by being of service to them. The first law of success then is service, and this in turn is built on integrity and justice. The man who at least is not fair in his intention is simply ignorant; he has missed the fundamental law of all exchange; he is impossible; he will lose surely and certainly; he may not know it; he may think he is winning, but he is doomed to certain defeat. He cannot cheat the Infinite. The law of compensation will demand of him an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

Even the jargon from a hundred years ago knew only governments make money. The rest of us have to earn it and making friends, enlarging our circle of influence being of service makes sense. [And cents]  This law of compensation, an eye for an eye, complete reciprocity does not let you be judge and jury however. The judge and jury, the Infinite has the agenda.

dragonaffairs6. A generous thought is filled with strength and vitality, a selfish thought contains the germs of dissolution; it will disintegrate and pass away. Great financiers are simply channels for the distribution of wealth; enormous amounts come and go, but it would be as dangerous to stop the outgo as the income; both ends must remain open; and so our greatest success will come as we recognize that it is just as essential to give as to get.

The sixteenth amendment, then not yet attached to the constitution, clearly, a selfish thought that contains the germ of dissolution, may prove this aspect of Haanel a prophet of doom.  Once the channels of distribution forded and dammed for the few, with crumbs spread for rest, dissolution results eventually.

8. The financier gets much because he gives much; he thinks; he is seldom a man that lets anyone else do his thinking for him; he wants to know how results are to be secured; you must show him; when you can do this he will furnish the means by which hundreds or thousands may profit, and in proportion as they are successful will he be successful. Morgan, Rockefeller, Carnegie and others did not get rich because they lost money for other people; on the contrary, it is because they made money for other people that they became the wealthiest men in the wealthiest country on the globe.

The deal they cut, at the party they held, the Jekyll Island confab in 1910 did not invite you or me or anyone we know to the party.  I am suspect of the authorized history and of Haanel’s fawning. He then recovers himself in his very next paragraph.

9. The average person is entirely innocent of any deep thinking; he accepts the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAideas of others, and repeats them, in very much the same way as a parrot; this is readily seen when we understand the method which is used to form public opinion, and this docile attitude on the part of a large majority who seem perfectly willing to let a few persons do all their thinking for them is what enables a few men in a great many countries to usurp all the avenues of power and hold the millions in subjection. Creative thinking requires attention.

The real trouble begins next…

10. The power of attention is called concentration; this power is directed by the will; for this reason we must refuse to concentrate or think of anything except the things we desire. Many are constantly concentrating upon sorrow, loss and discord of every kind; as thought is creative it necessarily follows that this concentration inevitable leads to more loss, more sorrow and more discord. How could it be otherwise? On the other hand, when we meet with success, gain, or any other desirable condition, we naturally concentrate upon the effects of these things and thereby create more, and so it follows that much
leads to more.

whenIndoubtdontMy thinking provides all I concentrate upon and desire as long as I am not doing harm to another.  This theory sounds nice. With millions of children in our day murdered for convenience and thousands of other reasons says different. Are children their cause in this?  They attracted the cancer, the illnesses too numerous and too new to understand?  Another explanation may provide insights but Haanel’s does not.  When I grew up ‘positive thinking’, spurned incomplete as negative thinking, meant if things are bad and you think positive how does that solve, fix or make any difference!   You must ‘know’ or experience the total reality first.  So called positive thinking may work on the inside but may be a misspent waste of energy ‘out-here’.

12. “Spirit, whatever else it may or may not be, must be considered as the Essence of Consciousness, the Substance of Mind, the reality underlying Thought. And as all ideas are phases of the activity of Consciousness, Mind or Thought, it follows that in Spirit, and in it alone, is to be found the Ultimate Fact, the Real Thing, or Idea.”

Perhaps this version of ‘intelligent design’ does not pass the smell test of the current ‘true science’ hierarchy.

The lesson then rambles along a story with no connection to verifiable facts. Fiction or not, all stories have some basis in reality. With only one lesson left however, there had better be something more in the final installment or my round files name becomes Haanel.

20. Those who may shrink from this idea of employing the Infinite Power to aid one in his work in the material world, should remember that if the Infinite objected in the least to such a procedure the thing could never happen. The Infinite is quite able to take care of itself.

I hope you caught that. The only thing the Infinite manifests must be in agreement with the holediggerInfinite’s plan and agenda. If your aspiration fails this test, you will not succeed.  The question, when pursuing anything then, how long do you spend on it? How would you know if the Infinite Universe wants a giant hole for someone else to fill and build upon?

22. This week concentrate on the fact that man is not a body with a spirit, but a spirit with a body, and that it is for this reason that his desires are incapable of any permanent satisfaction in anything not spiritual. Money is therefore of no value except to bring about the conditions which we desire, and these conditions are necessarily harmonious. Harmonious conditions necessitate sufficient supply, so that if there appears to be any lack, we should realize that the idea or soul of money is service, and as this thought takes form, channels of supply will be opened, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that spiritual methods are entirely practical.

The ‘soul of money’ or service are located where? Also, again harmonious occurs with the Infinite or nothing happens, to satisfy or appear in reality. The supply of service falls upon you and me!  One small postscript, CS Lewis did not say this in any form!

Note to self: The search for the magic potion, to have something appear instantly, to manifest literally at the snap of fingers goes on!  Any time spent in the internal map of reality other than to ‘see’ what you want does not do it!  Faith or belief, two very different but related concepts, does not access the power either. Either one with zero doubt has serious possibilities however. Having zero doubt appears around the ‘law of integrity’ out-here.  Harmony with the Infinite being a given.  Matthew 21:21


9 thoughts on “Week – #23 Masterkey You Get What You GIVE

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  3. Fantastic!!!! I am on this path…singing is my way to evolve and and creative attention is what I am practicing and it is not easy! Awareness always..as much as possible! With money I am now getting better …thinking of it in a different way. Today I was of service (I actually didn’t want to at the beginning) but then I put myself in it completely and….I got back so much immediately!

  4. Creative thinking involves attention – I gave this blog my attention not because it aligns with my belief system but because as a creative thinker one has to be open to ideas, constructs and views if for no other reason that to understand they exist. Thanks for allowing me to ponder here.

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