Week – #22a The Silence Part I

Stopping any of my automatic habitual routines seems to knock me into ‘now’.  Last week I spent three continuous days fasting. The middle 48 hours was no talking, no TV, no emails, no internet, staying in the Silence.  My experience told me eliminating all the usual youarethedanceroutines, habits and distractions grants a more concentrated focus.

I discovered my somebody and nobody persona.

I focused on ‘out-here’ instead of the monologue ‘in-here’. I still spent my usual three hours a day of visualizing and imagining my unimaginable future, what I call what I don’t know that I don’t know.  As has happened before when I ‘returned’ many things I have never seen before that was always there suddenly appear shocking and crystal-clear.  Being ‘out-here’ NOW is the only place anything gets done! Results appear from a life lived on the court versus thinking in the stands. Knowing something in the stands or as a Monday morning quarterback provides nothing, not even useful data.  Knowing on the court, in the experience offers fun, challenges, insights and results.

I pulled out old notes on formulation, concentration, momentum, stability and within minutes found a pdf that summarizes it all.

beawarenessI see now I want to progress quickly through each state as fast a possible. I have familiarity with all of them except mastery. Do I put time limits on them or is the progression natural and organic? I will revisit this list often to see where I am in the progression.

I see now that formulation has been more fun for me than needed. I can also see anyone may be stuck in any one of the stages. I have been enthralled with formulation!  While an essential requirement, as long as only ‘magical thinking’ occurs, you can forget your dreams coming true, ever.

All the courses, programs, company events I have taken and attended emphasize how to manifest, how to have all your dreams come true.  They all provide the same essential steps as Haanel and Hill and even Emerson before them.

1.    Know what you want!  The more clarity and definition the easier it will be. For example, let us say you want an extra $15 every day [or more].  There are many rules on how to say it, hold it, and label it and how many more of these ‘wants’ you ‘should’ have on your plate. The knowing what you want aisle will take a long time to get through.  Pick one and move to step two!
2.    The visualization step is using imagination, whimsy, child like excitement to produce as clear a picture of your acquiring an extra $15 dollars every day. See it happening any way you want and move on to the next step!
3.    Believe without doubt in the possibility that it will actually occur. Give yourself acceptTHENACTpermission to have it and accept it as inevitable, not if, but only a matter of when!  Next step looks like work. Move there now.
4.    Focus with every fiber of your being on what you want.  You are already focusing now. What you have in your life comes from your current focus! This Law of attraction stuff works [providing you work]. Remove all self and world imposed limitations and focus solely on your vision. Return to an extra $15 daily every time your mind wanders anywhere else.
5.    Use your intuition, access the Universal mind for insights and  any avenues you may take.  Steep yourself in the Silence and experience knowing not as a thought or thinking but catch ‘it’ before they appear.

These five steps, sometimes listed as few as two or three will take you forever if you allow it. When watching television, listening to the radio, buying into the ‘public’ media manipulates you into one or more of the stages on this list for someone’s benefit not yours.

TrimtabprincipleI see now I have meandered in these five steps for a long time looking for one super duper trimtab!

Looking for access to breakthrough…

Looking for thoughts to initiate action…

Looking for how can I use “just DO it!” to initiate action?

The last thirty years I have been looking for the simple, easy, quick, secret, no risk method to one-step instant success; THE TRIMTAB of all trimtabs!

Or, another way of saying it I have been waiting for the “Holy Ghost” to descend upon me providing ITS gifts of tongues, prophecy and other worldly courage.

How’s that working you ask?  You have to ask?

YOU have to ignite your own power. – Harvey Mackay

There is another useful concept called Above the Line/Below the Line. It suggests we abovebelowlinethinkingbe above, we operate above the line in our thoughts, actions and attitude regardless of our circumstances. This ‘thought concept’ or distinction can empower us to choose to be effective in any circumstance.  It is our choice to live our lives regardless of circumstances or stay stuck in reaction.

It occurred to me all five steps are ‘below the line’ unless you use them to take step 6.  The ‘goal’ of the first five steps is to produce enough energy to overcome the inertia of entropy.  What is step six?

6.    Take action! Have enough BE what needs being done to DO what needs doing.  How does one do that? Use your integrity!

action2Taking action, often enough will allow every vision or dream to come true. What is the essential missing ingredient if it isn’t a trimtab or any of the first five steps?

If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters. – Harvey Mackay

What is integrity?   Look for my next post to find out what I discovered.


18 thoughts on “Week – #22a The Silence Part I

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  5. Such awesome thoughts, Michael!

    But it’s so hard to follow any of them… takes rigorous discipline and commitment. But if done right, these aspects form the backbone of our success.

    Thanks for the post!

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