Week – #17a Well Organized to Chaos

This week I will search and look for ‘well-organized’ and my first

Organized for what?

Organized for what?

inclination was I didn’t wanna, which told me it is perfect for this week.  Well organized is similar to a ‘little further’ also.  More of something is not really a great way to measure anything. Wanting more money is having one cent appear on the sidewalk, providing you pick it up.  Specificity matters or you will get exactly what you want, nothing more and nothing less.

What is well-organized? There is organized, disorganized, chaos and superbly well-organized. Actually ‘well-organized’ is a point of view and a description about what and why the reason organized has turned out well.  Science says everything is well organized. Much of it is not organized for our personal benefit now and that’s a good thing.

Growing up I spent part of nearly every weekend at my mother’s grandparents.  My great-grandfather was extremely well-organized. His workshop had a painted outline for every tool he owned. When he walked in, he could tell if someone had been there because most OneWaypeople never put anything back where it belonged and the few that did, did not put it back exactly the way he liked it.  I spent enough time in there to know and consequently was one of the few allowed to be in there unsupervised.

Later I discovered there are many ways to organized tools. The other extreme is just put them in any drawer they’ll fit in that isn’t full now.  The well-organized part is actually in the mind.  I discovered that when everything has a place that is exactly where it is supposed to be, if it isn’t there it is lost! Even if it is right in front of you, or worse yet, in your hand.  I have a tendency to create piles of stuff. I know exactly where everything is located providing nobody moves anything.  There is some frustration designed into my well-organized piles.  Living where another idea of well-organized rules; my piles are a big mess. I have become a bit more efficient and kinder with others and myself.  I no longer leave piles for someone to tidy up. The drawers until last week needed some help however.

This should be an exceptionally fun week, especially because we are reviewing the weeks past before moving ahead next week.  If everything is well-organized, what is the organizing designed to accomplish?


5 thoughts on “Week – #17a Well Organized to Chaos

  1. A good topic. One angle that occurred to me while reading was the fact that I’m *very* well organized in a virtual sense, and that even involves writing, publishing, promotions, stuff that really requires precision organization – but I’m horrible at practically the same thing in “real” life. And that even means needing to do real life stuff with a computer, not “virtual world” stuff. Anyway…that’s my take. Good article. Thanks!

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