Week – #17 Decisiveness Five Ways

This week’s search for decisiveness was more difficult than finding kindness; at least I made it mean that.  I implemented some acts of decisiveness daily and I found five places decisiveness appears most for me. Not being decisive is not being kind either. It may be nice however.

Doing what you say you will do, especially to yourself, is being happen2thingsdecisive.  It is more than just keeping all your promises. There is a difference between decisive action and dawdling.  One gets it done and the other manages to suck the energy out of the accomplishment.  Decisive action leaves you more energized afterwards ready for more action.  It is far easier for decisiveness to appear if the promise is one that empowers you, calls you into action versus the ones that are mundane, impositions, about you looking good or part of some uninspired to do list or closet of failed dreams.

The world is now aware that the most unavoidable and most dangerous weapon that exists is the blind decisiveness of a man [or woman] ready to sacrifice his [or her] life for an obscure cause. – Omar Bongo

Taking a nap may be a decisive act too if you use it for completion.  Finishing what you start is a decisive action.  Ending the day with incompletion scattered here and there makes the next day more difficult.  One design of closets is to hold random things that are incomplete. A ‘to do list’ filled with incompletes the end of the day has lost its true purpose as well. Stuff too good to throw away that cannot be fixed [yet we hope someday!] or good purchases that didn’t pan out that haven’t depreciated enough to trash are in entire warehouses or garages. Stuck with a ‘definite major purpose’ that no longer moves or inspires you is eating decisiveness.  We did an annual maintenance item this week and cleaned out all the closets.  We emptied all the drawers, bookshelves, every other incompletion collection in the house, identified what to keep and much of it ended on the curb or our version of goodwill.  My ‘Ken doll’ closet of shirts had far too many shirts I have never tried on right next to others tattered and past comfortable. Organized newly so all of them are in a rotation, I do not have to ‘think’ about what to wear next so how I act each morning adds decisiveness to my day. It is a habit the subconscious is highly capable of initiating.

Decisiveness appears in time, as in being on time, for example. I worked for a long time, where on time was being there 15 minutes before you were scheduled.  My submarine tour days required my appearance 30 minutes minimum before my scheduled watch.  Tardiness, being late is a habit, as is being 30 minutes early, or five if that is the cultural norm.

Where I was able to add decisiveness the quickest and where I found it the most is saying please and thank you.  It occurs as an act of kindness too. Decisive kindness, please and thank you, bracket events, issues, requests and promises, with an ending and a beginning. Stop, change, start is an old method to exercise decisiveness.  Being on purpose, moment to moment, instead of accidentally random or going with the flow creates opportunities for decisiveness every moment.  A ‘Doing Now’ list based on accomplishments promised this next hour is a great way to practice decisiveness.

The way to develop decisiveness is to start right where you are, with the very next question you face. – Napoleon Hill

happyOright3Frequently the choice arises; be right or be happy. Until you notice it as a choice, habit wins.  The habit many of us take is being right.  Making a decision to choose happiness the next time and then every time thereafter alters how life shows up.

I wonder if making the annual maintenance closet cleaning into a semi-annual or quarterly would increase the amount of time gained by its increase in decisiveness.


10 thoughts on “Week – #17 Decisiveness Five Ways

  1. So true! The energy gained from following through on a decision as opposed to dawdling and postponing shoots you right through to the next action. Thanks for the reminder, I have a decision to carry out in planning a day of decisive action every evening….

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