Week – #17 Decisiveness – the Decision Skill

This week I am looking for decisiveness, in me and in the world.  It might be useful to define what it is.  With a little online research, we find many potential fables and myths.

Decisive people tend to be successful while indecisive people tend to fail. 

Research shows that decisiveness is good for us. 

I have not found the research to support either of these two DOwhatYOUfearstatements yet. They are plausible and we have been all taught plausible that isn’t true.

The short definition is 1. having the power or quality of deciding; putting an end to controversy [in your mind at least].

Therefore, you have to be able to decide to be decisive. Decides root is to cut, to eliminate all but one. Same with suicide, infanticide and homicide, which may be why some people ovoid deciding all together?

You must have a basis for your decision other than ‘I don’t wanna’. I suspect this is the first problem.  You must have your conditions for satisfaction and the conditions for no satisfaction clear to you.  This is different from a ‘Franklin close’ where you list the ‘reasons’ for alongside the ‘ideas’ against.  We all have conditions for satisfaction. Unfortunately, most people have ones done to them. 

dowhatismostimportantfirstYou also need to be willing to commit to a decision at some time or at some percentage of your conditions for satisfaction being in place.  It is easier to be decisive when we are clear about our conditions for satisfaction and focused on our goals. Being willing to decide, to act, even in the face of uncertainty, complexity or incomplete information is decisiveness.

He who hesitates is lost. Moreover, they usually have sour grape stories for results. Most of us have waited too long to act, to decide to go for it and when we do all the circumstances have changed in our waiting. Somebody else asked her out, the job offer is no longer available, the product is no longer on sale and the list is long.

Most of us have also come to a decision too quickly and regretted our discoverYourDreamactions afterwards.  The proverbial leaps before you look syndrome where an emotional response has us called for ‘off sides’ as it were. How many accidents have we been in because someone didn’t hesitate just a little longer.

There is then, a skill based on our failures that allows us to discover a sweet spot in reaching effective decisions.  Some of us however, have a habit labeled procrastination.

This week is about identifying decisiveness in my world.  The more you focus on anything the more abundant it becomes. Whatever you count grows.

dragonaffairsThere is always a risk we may be wrong. Perfect clarity is seldom available and if we have failed due to indecision recently the tendency to compensate may get in the way.  Some people eliminate decision all together with ‘choice’ theory.  The theory is that you can always make the other choice later.  Choice is fuzzy and frequently lets you off the commitment hook. A decision is a commitment to a course of action and therefore, indecision is a failure to commit. … or not as in still evaluating, waiting for the time to act which is procrastination.

Unless a man believes in himself and makes a total commitment to his career and puts everything he has into it — his mind, his body, his heart – what’s life worth to him? – Vince Lombardi

Become a worry-slapper. Treat frets like mosquitoes. Do you doyourthingprocrastinate when a bloodsucking bug lights on your skin? ‘I’ll take care of it in a moment.’ Of course you don’t! You give the critter the slap it deserves. Be equally decisive with anxiety. – Max Lucado 

I’m looking for decisive everywhere else too.  Remember to say out loud, with all the feeling you can generate, “Do IT NOW!!”   Twenty-five times takes almost no time. Three sets daily will have you in action quicker the next time an opportunity arises to act.


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