Week – #9 Change Yourself Changes Conditions

Week nine Haanel asserts ‘If you wish to change conditions you must change yourself. Your whims, your wishes, your fancies, your ambitions may be thwarted at every step, but your inmost thoughts will find expression just as certainly as the plant springs from the seed.’

clearcannotThe path I found early on is the way to get what you want is want what you got.  I am not sure we are ever ‘thwarted’ but always have what we want.  Keeping it is easy. Whatever you resist persists. 

Hold in mind the condition desired; affirm it as an already existing fact. This indicates the value of a powerful affirmation. By constant repetition it becomes a part of ourselves. We are actually changing ourselves; are making ourselves what we want to be.

The trouble is until you have discovered where you are is perfect just the way it is, you don’t know where you are. You are where you don’t want to be and that can’t get you to where you want to go. Knowing where you want to go is great but if you don’t know where you are you will remain lost on the journey.

Act is the blossom of thought, and conditions are the result of action, so that you constantly have in your possession the tools by which you will certainly and inevitably make or unmake yourself, and joy or suffering will be the reward.

All suffering is a resistance to what is. All resistance is making some ‘expectation’ for the way it ‘should be’ the truth instead of looking for the truth in where you are and what is present now.

2. The three things which all mankind desires and which are necessary for his highest expression and complete development are Health, Wealth and Love. All will admit that Health is absolutely essential; no one can be happy if the physical body is in pain. All will not so readily admit that Wealth is necessary, but all must admit that a sufficient supply at least is necessary, and what would be considered sufficient for one, would be considered absolute and painful lack for another; and as Nature provides not only enough but abundantly, wastefully, lavishly, we realize that any lack or limitation is only the limitation which has been made by an artificial method of distribution.

Somewhere most of us bought into incomplete health, wealth and love.  Wanting more is somehow greedy or even evil.  There is no insufficient and finite pie! Never settle for a small piece to insure everyone else has something. This ‘lie’ began early for most of us.

4. We have found that the Universal substance is “All Health,” “All Substance” and majorityworthless“All Love” and that the mechanism of attachment whereby we can consciously connect with this Infinite supply is in our method of thinking. To think correctly is therefore to enter into the “Secret Place of the Most High.”

The path to having ‘it all’ is gratitude and acceptance for what you have now. Spending anytime wishing for something different freezes the current ‘riches’ into place.

6. To think correctly, accurately, we must know the “Truth.” The truth then is the underlying principle in every business or social relation. It is a condition precedent to every right action. To know the truth, to be sure, to be confident, affords a satisfaction beside which no other is at all comparable; it is the only solid ground in a world of doubt, conflict and danger.  

The ‘truth’ believed is a lie. Truth is only and can only be understood and used as an experience.

 9. Every action which is not in harmony with Truth, whether through ignorance or design, will result in discord, and eventual loss in proportion to its extent and character.

IwillpersistLook for harmony and joy.  It is out there, surrounding you exactly where you are now. Until you discover it you will stay in place.

15. Visualization is the mechanism of the attachment which you require. Visualization is a very different process from seeing; seeing is physical, and is therefore related to the objective world, the “world without,” but Visualization is a product of the imagination, and is therefore a product of the subjective mind, the “world within.” It therefore possesses vitality; it will grow. The thing visualized will manifest itself in form. The mechanism is perfect; it was created by the Master Architect who “doeth all things well,” but unfortunately sometimes the operator is inexperienced or inefficient, but practice and determination will overcome this defect.

Until you can ‘visualize’ the world as perfect just the way it is now you are resisting something.  Perfection is the way it is and the way it isn’t. All is perfect.  The lie is good vs bad, up vs down, hot vs cold.  Those are useful in separating but they are whole and perfect too.

24. I built up an affirmation for myself, taking the qualities I most needed, and affirming for myself over and over again, “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.” I kept up this affirmation, always the same, never varying, till I could wake up in the night and find myself repeating, “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.” It was the last thing on my lips at night and the first thing in the morning.

IF you have to change something about you where you are now… this won’t make any difference. You are, right now, whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy, as long as you say so. 

25. Not only did I affirm it for myself, but for others that I knew needed it. I want to guaranteedresultsemphasize this point. Whatever you desire for yourself, affirm it for others, and it will help you both. We reap what we sow. If we send out thoughts of love and health, they return to us like bread cast upon the waters; but if we send out thoughts of fear, worry, jealousy, anger, hate, etc., we will reap the results in our own lives.

This must be true if we are to move forward.  While you cannot ‘make’ anyone understand, you can see everyone is perfect just the way everyone is. The constant and steady drip of only identifying what is missing or wrong serves no one.

30. If our predominant mental attitude is one of power, courage, kindliness and sympathy, we shall find that our environment will reflect conditions in correspondence with these thoughts; if it is weak, critical, envious and destructive, we shall find our environment reflecting conditions corresponding to these thoughts.

Reflecting is the key.  You may find perfection or imperfection.  Until you practice perfection, your struggle will continue.


17 thoughts on “Week – #9 Change Yourself Changes Conditions

  1. A lot of this sounds like ‘Think and Grow Rich’ Napoleon Hill, and you don’t get very far into this article to see that in this quote by Haanel ‘If you wish to change conditions you must change yourself’.

    I don’t know of any habit, skills or decision that is not impacted by the will of the person pushing away what one force desires over the other. And that desire, passion and movement of the will truly impacts the results on our lives!

  2. Great stuff here! Two things immediately came to mind as I began reading… 1. “As a man thinketh, so is he” and 2. Abraham & Ester Hicks. Mindset is what holds many back and the right mindset is what propels us forward. Thank you for this thought provoking post. I will share it #sharingiscaring

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