Week – #6 Being Right, Time and Promising Integrity

This short video is worthy of review on a daily basis.  Having even a correct opinion is dangerous!

The course brings up many channels of thought for me.  My intention is to NEVER LET the subconscious rule any portion of my life. I find it energizing to feed ‘it’ a task or two to accomplish, especially just before I fall asleep and wake in the morning to discover it done! Sometimes I am not clear enough and the ‘present’ needs some more work.

I have studied time, read about, learned to slow it down and speed it up. There are some excellent books and Steve Chandler wrote, Time Warrior: How to defeat procrastination, people-pleasing, self-doubt, over-commitment, broken promises and chaos, one well worth the ‘time’.

One of the fundamental aspects of unworkability in the world is time. That’s the first lie. That’s the first apparency. That’s the beginning of the end of the truth. Time. You need to master time to have any mastery in the world. People who are at the effect of time, people who can’t create time, people who can’t manage time, people who can’t move time around, people who can’t handle time, people who are overwhelmed by time, have no mastery and no basis for mastery. The basis for mastery in the world is being able to handle time. So what we’re talking about instead of some new problem to handle is an enormous opportunity to create a context in the space, in a sense, and in an environment of workability. And that environment’s generated out of a mastery of time.
– Werner Erhard

The bold is mine. Clearly without a ‘handle’ on time we are at the effect of everything else.

I always keep my promises!

The integrity mountain has no top, so you better learn to love climbing.

Integrity in our model is honoring your word. As such integrity is a purely positive phenomenon. It has nothing to do with good vs. bad, right vs. wrong behavior. Like the law of gravity the law of integrity just is, and if you violate the law of integrity as we define it you get hurt just as if you try to violate the law of gravity with no safety device. The personal and organizational benefits of honoring one’s word are huge — both for individuals and for organizations — and generally unappreciated.

Integrity Is Honoring Your Word, and Honoring Your Word Is

1. Keeping your word, and on time OR:
2. Whenever you will not be keeping your word, just as soon as you become aware that you will not be keeping your word (including not keeping your word on time) saying to everyone impacted:
a. that you will not be keeping your word, and
b. that you will keep that word in the future, and by when, or, that you won’t be keeping that word at all, and
c. what you will do to deal with the impact on others of the failure to keep your word (or to keep it on time).

The one thing I’m clear about is EVERYONE is capable of being great. Not compared to someone else. I mean GREAT for yourself. I’m committed to you realizing you’re great.
— Werner Erhard

Now go back and watch the video again!


34 thoughts on “Week – #6 Being Right, Time and Promising Integrity

  1. Video presentation depicts meditation “Even Having the correct opinion is dangerous!”… although here is something that is related to intelligence … I believe that few of those who are convinced that they are right in something that it will not get even better, even they will go to experimenting on their own?!

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  3. Thanks for that – I read something long ago that really stuck with me.
    Success will come and go but integrity is forever. Keeping your word and doing the right thing are remembered, if you have this then you have trust. If you have trust you are winning. The key is also to avoid others that have no integrity, trust or keep their word, accepting their behaviour reflects on you – Hope I didn’t go too off tangent here, its something that means a lot to me and should to others.

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