Week – #4 A Rant on Rules, Regulations and Ideas…

This week’s readings are exceptional and context is everything. Mine may be different than yours and while we are saying exactly the same thing, the context suggests opposite meanings… perhaps.

The problem with language is it can NEVER fully describe the experience.  Obviously, it is IcanBewhatIWilltobeNOT the experience itself and yet the refrain, “But, I told you….”

AND it can never offer to anyone a recreation of the experience.

Also, experience described is a story about something that is in the past.

Taking time out, from the present, to pay attention to the past, is usually a waste of everyone’s time.

I am interested in the future, not the past.  I am interested in ‘creating’ a future of my design and imagination. The first requirement is an ability to start from nothing or better yet create nothing.  Starting with something is just change, alterations, additions and subtractions, ultimately more of the same… The more things change the more they stay the same. – George Bernard Shaw

Rule: People always give 100% of what they are able.  Any other number is a “JUDGEMENT” after the fact.  Stop judging others and yourself.

The first time, or maybe the first one hundred times at anything is always a different outcome, perhaps missing some aspect of the 10,000th time but it is STILL a 100% effort. Assigning some kind of effort score, based on a comparison of current ability to some future perfect ability helps no one.  Humans are not pots of water where the difference between water and steam is one degree. [actually it could be just a tenth of a degree… and a degree Celsius and a degree Fahrenheit  are different… Again, humans are not theOthermindiswhatwater, steam or any other silly way to judge your current ‘attitude’ against some fictitious perfect score assigned by a perfect deity or whoever is taking their place at the moment.

Stopping to catch your breath is NOT quitting.   The design of life is “quitting” is not an option; it isn’t even possible except as an opinion.  You will wake up tomorrow and the test continues.

There are at least 10 Billion paths to enlightenment, nirvana and heaven.  Yours may be someone else’s path to ‘hell’ however.


32 thoughts on “Week – #4 A Rant on Rules, Regulations and Ideas…

  1. I saw some time ago a short but concise manner film, whose the main idea was that our decisions are taken – most of them – under the influence … of senses … Hard to believe, right? But from your own experience and of those known you, you’ll “discover” that many of the decisions were not taken because of a logical, rational and reasoned caused or else … but for us / them so we / they felt they should do at that time…

    In another context – what ever does the human value? The IQ percentage, education, possessions, faith, mannerisms, social position or professional life, character, ability, will, memory? … Anything else?? ….

    Maybe a great quote for the end…. “When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this – you haven’t.” ― Thomas A. Edison

    Thank you Michael for so such subject, over which we can express our vision… All the best!

  2. When i first saw the title i thought this article was just gonna be full of vague opinions but its actually a really good article! Keep up the good work bro!

  3. I enjoyed this very much!! Thanks!

    If the tower of Babel hadn’t been destroyed we could truly understand each other and would be much closer to each other. The differences that exists between us are a result of the complete closeness we can never have rather than the other way around. This distance is the same space that causes us to shiver reminds us, even when someone is holding us as tight as possible, that we are alone in this life. Individual and alone. “It’s your road, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.” Whether it is the road to someone else’s hell is immaterial to whether the path feels like hell to us.

  4. I agree with this in the abstract, “People always give 100% of what they are able. Any other number is a “JUDGEMENT” after the fact. Stop judging others and yourself.” But I do feel it removes accountability in a manner that I am just not comfortable with.

    Paul! ASK them if THEY are open for accountability. YOU or I cannot expect anyone to be accountable. I may, with work, hold myself to keeping count of what I am doing. The system we were schooled in is filled with control mechanisms. Letting someone or something have sway over my accountability is not about accountability… but control.

  5. I completely agree with you, once you realize you can gain absolutely nothing from beating yourself up, life gets a lot easier. You simply accept that your daily 100% might vary greatly. 🙂

  6. Interesting POV about individual paths and experiences, the rule “People always give 100% of what they are able” made me think. When something you read has that effect it was a good reading! Thanks for sharing it

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