Week – #2 Hope is NOT a Strategy! [that works anyway]

As the rest of the world wonders about shutdowns, ballgames or putting food on the table, I am in week two of Master Key Mastermind.  The ability to get everything done is not possible and it all gets done.

Charles Haanel wrote : Ease and perfection depend entirely upon the degree in which we cease to depend upon the consciousness; playing the piano, skating, operating the typewriter, the skilled trades, depend for their perfect execution on the process of the sub-conscious mind. The marvel of playing a brilliant piece on the piano, while at the same time conducting a vigorous conversation, shows the greatness of our subconscious powers.

Far too many forget that there is a path to get the subconscious to do your bidding… The short explanation is… practice and then practice some more.

learning processIf you do not do enough to progress to unconscious competence you’ll always play catch up or worse.  The power available to us is sourced or found in our subconscious. As long as we are the one to control it.  If you are letting the TV, your past, music, every off hand comment push or pull you … you are not in control.

Haanel wrote : The subconscious mind never sleeps, never rests, any more than does your heart, or your blood. It has been found that by plainly stating to the subconscious mind certain specific things to be accomplished, forces are set in operation that lead to the result desired. Here, then, is a source of power which places us in touch with Omnipotence. Here in is a deep principle which is well worth our most earnest study.

For the last year I have been careful to spend the last five to ten minutes imagining the most perfect tomorrow.  The course has added time and more thoughts to the package BUT the unconscious will get it all done.  How are you spending your last few moments before you fall asleep?  Watching the news? Running all the days upsets through your conscious mind for review so your unconscious can produce more of the same for you tomorrow… or the next day.  You can change that tonight!

If you are hoping things will change and you continue feeding your subconscious the same ‘food’ you are wasting the power of ‘hope’ on a fools dream.  You are in a hostage situation.  Your past is running your subconscious and you are only using your conscious mind, the one that should be in charge, to validate, justify and excuse everything your past throws up on you … and everyone else.

Leaning cycleYou are stuck in stage one built buy the past … and it insured your survival, but if you want to thrive it is time to retake control.

Haanel wrote :  Some one may ask: “How can the subconscious change conditions?” The reply is, because the subconscious is a part of the Universal Mind and a part must be the same in kind and quality as the whole; the only difference is one of degree. The whole, as we know, is creative, in fact, it is the only creator there is, consequently, we find that mind is creative, and as thought is the only activity which the mind possesses, thought must necessarily be creative also.

To put your mind to work takes action on your part.  An act of YOUR imagination.

What’s caught me lately is the notion that the future is caused by imagination. An imagination of the life causes a leading of the life, rather than the leading of the life causes my way of thinking. And I just know it’s powerful, I never quite know how to get at it. I like the language of possibility. ‘Cause it’s hard. It’s the possibility I’m living into…’ But the idea that if I hold a possibility, or a future, of the way I want the world to be, then I bring that into the room with me every time I show up. I don’t have to work on it… it works on me. Now that to me is beautiful. – Peter Block

What future are you imagining!???


35 thoughts on “Week – #2 Hope is NOT a Strategy! [that works anyway]

  1. Thank you kindly reblogged with gusto Will peruse in the am when I set my intentions for the day as opposed to trying to focus in late evening of celebration of thanksgiving week….Will send my review on the morrow with thX

  2. I think Einstein was referring to same exact thing: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” – Albert Einstein

  3. Thanks for this post. I really liked the idea of spending ” the last five to ten minutes imagining the most perfect tomorrow.” Too often we let our future be shaped by negative thoughts we carry with us to bed. Though I do not necessarily agree with the concept of the “Universal Mind”, I do see the potential for the future to be impacted by our subconscious thinking. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Very interesting post. I must confess that I haven’t really thought about deliberately using the subconscious in this way. But I do know that my subconscious has occasionally solved problems for me. For example, when I was writing my MPhil thesis on mathematical logic, there was one particular problem that I had that was solved in the middle of the night when I awoke from sleep. So I’m a big believer in it’s power, and will now try to harness it more methodically 🙂

  5. A famous cellist was insulted when someone commented on his “gift”. He remarked that he’d practiced 14 hours, every day, for his whole life; that it was not a gift, but the result of hard work.
    Loved this post. Thanks for it.
    I don’t imagine being a cellist, but had imagined being a book author. All plans are on hold for what I will be, instead, but it’s okay.
    It’s temporary.
    Then I get another whack at the book.

  6. Enjoyed reading it. Some really good things to think about here. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and it was a lot, so I’ll have to go back and read it again tomorrow. There were a few sentences that I didn’t quite get, but then again it is midnight. 😉 Another read tomorrow.

  7. This is a great article, Michael. The subconscious is very powerful. One way to quiet the conscious mind is through meditation. I do TM 2x per day and it releases the conscious mind and enables us to move more fully into our creativity.

  8. WOW! Fascinating, I want to learn more. I know the subconscious is super powerful, and I do believe it has the power to help or hinder us, but learning to control it so that it helps is the most powerful thing we can do for success! Thanks for an awesome blog post!

  9. Thank you Michael,

    You have brought to discussion a touchy subject in a time when the world is changing … the global economy based on existing principles seem to show the signs of exhaustion… many changes occurring around us… not easy at all in the current context to be clear – in mind and soul, relaxed, to get a state to succeed a personal performance, to focus on the things important for yourself beyond what you think that are your the limits …

    Before anything can be achieved, both need to be in harmony…. If you think that nothing in this world is impossible, then, in a way or another, you will find the way, the resources necessary to help yourself to progress…

    I hope to find more in the future here such interesting articles, thank you again!

  10. Totally awesome description of the process. I know that this is the road to success and that the control of the subconscious by the input from the conscious is the method. Move out and move on.

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  12. Great post Michael – I read Haanels Master key book awhile ago, great read! Whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy. 🙂

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