Week – #1 The MasterKey MasterMind Alliance Begins!

I wanted to do this course the first time I heard about it a year or more ago.  I have done Og Mandino’s scrolls at least three times, reading each scroll three times daily for a month taking a year to complete all twelve.  I have taken the online MasterKey system course, each lesson delivered weekly and I have read Think and Grow Rich dozens of times and spent six months with Mark J doing it live.  NOW…

We are going to do all of them together!?! WOW.2013-09-29_1457

I have the ability to set aside my set of ‘rules’ and use the game supplied.  I personally do not subscribe to ‘Karma’ as a belief or even truth. I say it is a tool, similar to a saw or hammer. Useful if used correctly, dangerous if not.  Some people are not held to ‘what goes around comes around’ like some people are not held to gravity.  It is a useful concept to consider, especially since it is in affect for just about everyone else.

WithinYOUThere are many beliefs I no longer see as principles but merely mind meme for those who are limited by them. However, most of them point to a truth.  What works for me, may not work for you and vice versa.  This first week has been filled with rearranging time lines, commitments and my daily method of operation.

I have a vision of the future and it is NOT crystal clear for me.  I do know the direction and that is will appear.  I have followed ‘bread crumbs’ to the promised land before with great success.  I trust my gut. Stay tuned for the wildest six months of my life to date!


2 thoughts on “Week – #1 The MasterKey MasterMind Alliance Begins!

  1. WOW, I can see that I’m surrounded by some brilliant ones Looking forward to having a smigin of this wisdom and the spirit of excellence rub off on me. Thanks for having taken the extra time to leave your comments on my behalf. I’m playing catch up with your’s

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